How can I get my calendar back?
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How do I transfer accurate calendar information from my iTouch back into Google calendar and also back into Outlook 2003?

Dunno why it happened, but Microsoft Outlook 2003 crashed on my Windows Vista business desktop computer last week. Got it rolling again, but all email from June 2010-present has gone missing in Outlook mail and now Gmail is resending every single piece of email I'd received from 2006-present. Thousands and thousands of emails. More worrisome to me is that, save for two reoccurring weekly appointments w/out end dates, my Outlook calendar has gone blank.

Until the Outlook 2003 crash, Google Calendar had been synching and playing nicely with Outlook via iTunes. Trouble is, I now have a naked Google Calendar as well.

The one ray of hope I have of restoring my Google and Outlook calendars is my not-recently-synched iTouch, because it does have my accurate full calendar. I'm v. nervous about synching the iTouch with anything else for fear of losing the one remaining accurate calendar.

I'm lost without my calendar. Please, how do I fix this?
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Best answer: Best option: if you're close to an Apple Store, and your computer is a laptop (whether or not it's a Mac) make a genius bar appointment. Bring your iPod Touch and your laptop. 

Assuming it's not a laptop or you're not close to/don't want to go to an Apple Store: 
1. Turn off all your synching. Turn off google's sync to yr computer and yr touch. When the iPod asks if you want to keep your calendars, say yes. 
2. Connect yr touch to the computer. CANCEL THE AUTOMATIC SYNC by clicking the x on the right side of the info window. Uncheck the calendar sync under the info tab.
3. Right click on the ipod touch in the source list on the left in iTunes. Select Back Up. 
4. Once the back up completes, go back to the info tab and reselect sync calendar. Assuming you're using google mobile sync through exchange, you could alternately turn on syncing with google on the touch again. This should (should) push good data from the touch to one of the other calendars. 

If this fails and you lose the calendars, restore from the backup by right clicking the touch in the source menu and choosing Restore from Backup. 

I can't guarantee this will work, and IANYG (I am not your Genius). But it should. I've seen similar things work dozens of times

 (Also, please, please. It's not an iTouch. It's an iPod Touch.)
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Response by poster: Things are in a pitious state of affairs when technology is left in the hands of those of us who can't manage to get the lingo right. You're right. I'm sorry.

I'll post my results.
(thank you x3)
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Response by poster: The first four steps of your 'not a laptop' suggestion, in fact, removed all the accurate calendar from my iPod Touch so it was wrong like the others.

However, the *if this doesn't work then restore from backup* instruction gave me back the accurate calendar on the iPod Touch, which then sent the accurate calendar on to Outlook (now correct!), and then I ran the Google Calendar synch using the '1-way from Outlook to Google Calendar' option. Now my Google calendar is also correct.

Sleeping bear, you may not be my Genius but today you are my synch savior. Thanks again.
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