Dranging over sturm
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Where can I find sturm (the cloudy young Austrian wine) in NYC?

I just got back from a trip to Vienna, where I fell in love with Sturm (apparently a/k/a Federweisser) - a cloudy, sweet, sparkling, incredibly tasty young wine that they serve all over Vienna this time of year.

I didn't bring any home with me, because it's deliberately packed in unsealed bottles so that the ongoing fermentation doesn't cause an explosion.

Anyone know where I could get Sturm or something similar in or near NYC?
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Sturm is still fermenting, so you're going to have to go to a vineyard. Given the liquor regulations in this country, I'm pretty sure it can't be shipped, or even sold commercially.

It's possible that at a wine-tasting shortly after harvest you'll be able to find it at a winery, but I've not seen it in the US. Doesn't mean it doesn't exist, just not at the places I've toured.

Sorry. Best of luck in finding it.
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I'm also in love with the stuff, but as DaveP says it's both immensely seasonal and immensely regional, so I think you're out of luck (as am I, more's the pity!).
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Best answer: This is a blog entry about an American product you can use to make something very like it.
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Best answer: Anthony Road Wine has an annual Federweisser Fest. According to their website, it's on 18 September this year. It's in NY State, but up past Ithaca.
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