Lady of the Unknown Artist
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This is a painting that a friend's mum copied from another (well-known?) artist. I'd love to find the original. Any suggestions?

My friend can't remember the name of the artist or the painting but thinks it might have been "morning tide" or something similar, by an artist with Ray, Raymond or possibly Raymund in his name.

Her mum called the picture "Lady of the Sea" but my friend was pretty sure that wasn't its real name. Unfortunately, my friend's mum passed away so can't ask her.

We're based in Queensland, Australia, but I don't know if the artist was Australian.
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For no reason in particular, the composition made me think of Andrew Wyeth, but I couldn't find anything online that looked like that and can't find my Wyeth book at the moment to verify.
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L'estrange Fruit, you may just be reminded of this Wyeth painting. That's the first thing I thought of. The "Lady of the Sea" is certainly a lovely painting, though.
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The style reminds me a lot of Jack Vettriano's work. The girl in the middle of this painting especially. I can't find a specific painting that looks like the one you've got, but the style is very similar. He's done a lot of paintings of ladies with their backs turned and their hair up in a similar style.
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Best answer: The original is a painting by Raymond Ching called "Morning Tide" - previously called "Christmas Day". I found it on a New Zealand "Trade Me" post. Google cache link (Screenshot for if the cache changes).

FWIW, I thought your friend's mom's painting was more interesting than the original.
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Doh, here is a better one. It's an auction of the actual painting, rather than for the print.
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Ignore what I said, gemmy's got it.
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Response by poster: Far out Gemmy, that's AWESOME! How did you find it?
FWIW... I tend to agree. I like the colours in the copy better.
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Best answer: How did you find it?

Just a bit of Google sleuthing. A query of +"morning tide" +raymond got me to a page about Raymond Ching where someone had asked about a print by that name. It sounded promising, so I changed the query to include his last name as well, which got me to the auction. Knowing from experience that pictures missing from old eBay auctions often show up in the google cache, I used the "cache:" command in Google and voilĂ  there was the print.

Glad you found out what you were looking for! :)
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