Korean Song Identification
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Hi, I need some help identifying a song. It was a slow Korean R&B song by a male solo artist. I don't remember much about it, I think there was a sole electric keyboard at the start playing a simple accompaniment. (not sure though) I know it is vague, but if you post some songs, I will try to lead you into a more specific direction.
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I have a hunch you might have heard 'haru haru' by big bang.
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Response by poster: Naw, that ain't it, I know that song lol.

The song is not as loud or as fast as that song. Also, it should be by a solo artist.
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Can you provide some more information? What you've provided is incredibly vague and doesn't help narrow things. How long ago did you hear it? Do you remember any of the lyrics? What about the singing itself?

For example, did the singer sound like Wheesung or Bobby Kim?
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