will a portable dishwasher work with low water pressure?
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My roommate found a portable dishwasher for sale by one of our neighbours. It's a Beaumark Hotpoint whisper wash and we have 2 concerns: water pressure and expected performance of the unit/brand.

Primarily the water pressure in our house isn't great since the house is divided into 4 sections housing 7 tennants and it's an old house regardless so things like wiring, water pressure are not great. So we're not sure if it will work as well as it should. It might be okay at peak pressure but if a toilet gets flushed or someone has a shower, it might be useless.

The other thing I'm wondering is if this make/model/brand is any good. I know Beaumark is a cheaper, 'economy' brand, and I don't know how old this unit is. We'll only be paying $80 for it (which upon some research is about 1/6 to 1/8 the price of a brand new dishwasher and 1/3 the price of a countertop sized mini dishwasher) which isn't bad, but still if it's not going to work for us then we'd rather not waste our time/money/effort.
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It almost certainly has a fill switch and its own internal pump.

The fill switch allows the dishwasher to fill with water to the required level, no matter
what the delivery rate. So water pressure wouldn't be a problem: it would just take longer to
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When I'm looking at a buying new small appliance or other household gadget, I check the user reviews on Amazon.com and Newegg.com to get a sense of the durability of the item -- even if I'm buying it somewhere else. For this portable dishwasher, I couldn't find a product, much less a review, on either site (or Walmart.com or Sears.com). Unless you've mistaken the product name (or I'm an idiot, which, listen, is not unlikely), that's a pretty big red flag -- it means the product is pretty old and probably not readily available (which is an issue if you need to replace parts or make repairs). That, coupled with the age of your house and the low water pressure probably makes it a bad buy.
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Find out who makes it and check the corresponding details. Beaumark is the Bay (HBC) brand. I believe their dishwashers are made by GE. So figure out which GE model it matches.
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Since the people selling are you neighbours, perhaps you could negotiate a chance for you to try it out in your house before committing?
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Response by poster: thanks for the answers so far folks, my roommate is just about to go get the necessary adapter for our faucet and then he's going to go over and get the guy to show us that the thing does infact run.

I don't know this neighbour well (and I don't think my roommate does either), he apparently told my roommate a few mins ago that if the unit doesn't work at all he'll give us a refund but if it works and just the pressure is our problem (which according to The Real Dan I'm guessing it shouldn't be) then no refunds if we don't like it.

So we're going to try and at least test it out before we give him any money.

As for the unit itself, I copied down the model number and google searched the whole thing "Beaumark Hotpoint whisper wash model number #" and it got no google results, so yes it is probably an older model.

As for finding it's equivalent GE model, I think that would require calling GE which we likely couldn't do until Monday, when both of us are working =/

I'll update again a bit later once I have more info. But thanks everyone so far!
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