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What are fun things to do with a webcam?

I've heard of and explored Skype and ooVoo already. I've heard of but not explored ChatRoulette. I'm looking for either games/activities I can play with my friends via video chat, or sites and programs that utilize webcams.
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icam to film your pet while you are away.
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Make some extra money showing your naughty bits then take said friends out for a night on the town with your ill gotten gains.

But seriously besides the occasional skype/google chat the only thing I use my webcam for is evernote. It's a nice way to keep track of things with a quick picture.
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I would not recommend ChatRoulette, unless you really like seeing dudes' dongs/ said dongs being touched by said dudes. That is about 9/10 encounters you will have on there.
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d-touch is a webcam based drum machine/sequencer.

stop motion pro does onionskinning.
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I've started to make pointless videos with mine while on conference calls at my desk.
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I'm participating in a Washington Post reader study using a webcam this weekend--they'll watch me read the paper and I'll talk about what I'm reading. I think that'll be fun, plus I get $75 and a free webcam.
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la photocabine turns it into a fun photo booth
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My favorite webcam story: I went to Mammoth, CA. On a certain day, at a certain time, I stood in front of the Mammoth Village web cam and waved, "Hi!". My co-workers were impressed.
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I use the webcam on my work computer as a very practical, very quick, very crappy scanner. I'll sketch a design out and hold it up, take a screenshot, and bring it into a digital arts program like Illustrator or Photoshop. Very convenient.

FWIW the webcam on Macs reverses your image. I do not understand why. Like if you hold up written text it is literally backwards on the screen. I don't get that.
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Post a video diary to You Tube that no one who really matters will watch.
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We put the cam at the end of our dining room table, and have friends in a far-off-land do the same thing on their table, then run Skype/iChat/Whatever.

If done right it's virtual dining at one long table!
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The USPS Box simulator
Extended reality
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