What wierd thing happened while creating Windows 7 restore disks?
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A friend has a new Asus Essentio CM5671. He first transferred his data files to the new machine. Then, while trying to create the Windows 7 restore disks, he appears to have somehow reset the computer to its factory state, restoring all the crapware that had been removed and obliterating his documents and data. Any idea how he may have done this and how he can un-do it?
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Off the top of my head, I'd say he created the restore disks, then when it rebooted (with the disk still inside), it gave him the option of restoring and he selected it.

When he transferred his data files, did he delete them from the old computer? If so, I'm at a loss. Otherwise he should start over from scratch.
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Find the last known good configuration? Google that?
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He may have to start again from scratch. Use a program like ccleaner to get rid of all of the crap easily and quickly.
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I almost did this yesterday setting up my new laptop. As soon as I created the restore disk, it gave me an option to run it. In a day full of clicking quickly through nag screens, I could easily have clicked "yes".
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