Seinfeld New Yorker Pig Cartoon
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In the Seinfeld episode "The Cartoon" Elaine submits a cartoon idea to the New Yorker (that she steals from Ziggy). It depicted a pig at a complaint department saying "I wish I was taller". I'd like a copy to print out for my cubicle but can't find it anywhere.
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I don't recall them ever showing her version on-screen.
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Response by poster: I think she does. She gestures to the guy behind the counter and says, "this guy, what's he going to do about it?" (or something). I can picture it in my head, unless it's a false memory.
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I am pretty sure this archive is complete. If you don't find it there, it was probably made up for the episode (my guess).
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Best answer: After a highly scientific frame-by-frame analysis of the episode, I can confirm that the cartoon is never (clearly) shown onscreen. Here is the best view, during the "this guy, what's he going to do about it" line.
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Best answer: The episode does show hers in her hand in wide shots, but I have never seen a clear reproduction of it. Note that the episode was written by Bruce Eric Kaplan, himself a New Yorker cartoonist, who was doubtless the artist who drew the Elaine version as a one-off. I see no copy online, but Kaplan has published five or six books of cartoons, I believe -- maybe it is in one of those somewhere.
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The scene on youtube. You can kind of see it at 0:20.
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Protip: Switch to 480p mode, much clearer.
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Seinfeld reruns are actually in HD, so it's possible someone could get a better shot of it.
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smackfu is right, but probably not in all markets or on all channels. You can tell if it is in your area because it will be in 16:9 aspect ratio, and there will be the occasional scene where it seems like they cut off a little bit of the top and bottom.

To my archives!
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