explain the joke in this image please...
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Can someone explain this image to me? What's the joke? (uh, yeah, I'm totally asking for a friend.)
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Looks like something from the middle of a thread in /b on 4chan. I'm guessing that outside the context of whatever thread it was it makes no sense.
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It's probably something that's a "private joke"
I've belonged to plenty of forums where everyone would make ridiculous images with quotes that were said in chat/in threads that wouldn't make any sense to anyone except for the people that were there.
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It's a general riff on [nsfw] Advice Dog / Courage Wolf / many many others.
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Isn't that one of the Star Wars sand people? Gary and Tom might be droids… besides this, I've got nothing. I did laugh, though.
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Could be wrong... but it reminiscent of an Adeptus Mechanicus guy from the Warhammer 40,000 universe. If that's right then the joke is that (something along the lines of, I am by no means a W40k expert) the Adeptus Mechanicus turn criminals into servitors - replacing their brains with computers and adding cybernetic components to create a mindless semi organic machine. Thus this particular guy is turning those other two guys into a kitchen apliance and a small gadget.
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