How can I get emails as an RSS feed?
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I hate having mailing list emails in my inbox (aka my to-do list), though they do contain information I want to know. Is there a way to have them "delivered" to my RSS reader (my means of staying updated) instead? Is gmail the best way to do this?
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There is a way to convert your gmail into an RSS feed, but when I tried it my feed was inadvertently public and our IT guy got a little pissed when he googled his name and found it.

I think I used Feedburner originally. You could subscribe via a separate gmail account and use that account for the RSS generation. this is old but might help.
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It's not really answering your question, but have you tried using filters?

I deal with mailing lists by having filters that automatically sends new mails from those lists to speficic labels/folders. And when I have some time to read them, I check which labels have unread messages.
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Also, have you checked out Gmail's new priority inbox? I'm making all automatic emails low priority, which keeps them out of the "important" stuff.
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If the lists are about open source software projects, you might be able to read them through GMANE, a mailing list to NNTP (Usenet) gateway, which I've found to be somewhat better suited to consuming mailing lists than RSS feeds.
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What I do is make a folder for them and read them all once a day. I also keep a separate todolist, which makes things far more managable and much more flexible.

Gmail is also helpful, in that mailing list threads get collapsed into a single, easily ignorable line. With their new priority inbox, they're really pushing starred mail as todo list. Which also makes sense but doesn't have recurring tasks or tasks in the future. Still, it's a good first step into eliminating inbox as todolist.
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Easiest thing to do is set up a rule in gmail that they skip your inbox, and get tagged with the list name.

Then browse them at will. It kind of turns mailing lists into message boards, plus it makes them a hell of a lot easier to search than most rss readers. I have going on 6 years of email in my gmail account and i haven't had to delete one in a very long time.
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