Does anyone experience weak hands after laughing hard?
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Every once in a while, after I laugh long and hard, I lose strength in my hands and even a little in my arms. Does that sound familiar to anyone?

I do have narcolepsy, and I am aware of cataplexy, but weak hands after laughing hard is the only experience I have related to cataplexy and I never fall asleep when that happens. I am just wondering if it is a common (maybe normal) experince and not just another symptom.
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It happens to me, too. Usually when I'm being tickled, held down or other 'rough' horseplay and I can't move to break free and it take a few minutes to get my strength back. It seems like I should be able to move, but my arms and sometimes legs just won't. Is that what you mean? I bet someone will come along with the scientific name soon.
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Happens to me when my kids get me laughing. I remember it happening when I was a kid, getting tickled. More of an all-over upper-body weakness though. Bodies are strange.
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Hyperventilating can cause numbness in your arms, legs, or face. That may be what's going on.
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Response by poster: That's exactly what I mean, dual_action! Now that you mention it, I only remember having that feeling when I am playing around and laughing- not just from laughing at something without any physical contact. But I guess I wouldn't know if my hands were getting weak if I wasn't trying to use them. I think this calls for a little experimentation.
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Doesn't the phrase "weak with laughter" ring any bells? I think this is a normal thing.
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I get a feeling of muscle fatigue & the inability to do anything requiring even minor strength after laughing hard. I think it's wonderful to be rendered useless by joy.
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I wonder if it could be connected to an adrenaline rush and the subsequent come down? I have Addison's disease (adrenal dysfunction), and sometimes during or immediately after an adrenaline rush, my arms and hands (and legs) get really weak and it takes about 15 minutes for strength to return. This is probably because my adrenal levels don't quite come back to "normal" but stay quite low for a while.
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