Renter's insurance for Canadian freelance writer?
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I'm a freelance writer in Canada. How can I get renter's insurance for my apartment and home office?

I'd like to get contents insurance for my new apartment, which includes a home office.

Standard renter's insurance at TD Meloche Monnex told me because I work from home, I need to get home office/micro-business insurance.

When I spoke to their micro-business insurance department, they told me because I have customers [clients] outside Canada, they could not insure me.

I back and forthed on this for hours, and tried contacting various other insurers, but have so far been unable to find anyone who will insure me knowing that (a) I do work from home; and (b) I have clients outside Canada.

This is ridiculous. It is not as if I am an arms trader; I write articles and stories that are sometimes published in foreign magazines. I don't even care about "proper" business insurance - for liability, libel, etc. All I want is to insure the things in my apartment! Some of which (eg, desk, chair, laptop) are used for both work and play.

Help! There must be thousands of similarly employed Canadians who have found insurance. Where?

  • I'm not interested in lying to or misleading my insurer; that way lies disaster. I want to be able to answer all of their questions truthfully.

  • Before you recommend your own plan, please be certain that you are in fact insured! Hearing of my problems, a friend recommended TD MM to me, insisting that's who they use. But from what TD MM have explained, my friend is actually ineligible for the insurance they are paying for. Because they have foreign clients, any claim would be refused. IE, some people are paying for useless insurance.

  • I am in Quebec.

  • Thanks!
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    You want an independent agent or broker that works with many insurance companies. They will do the work for you.
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    Marquis needs contents insurance for the stuff in his residence he uses to make money. This is a well worn problem.
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