Lovely chidren's book I vaguely remember
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I read the most beautiful children's book a few years ago. All I remember is how moved i was at the end. Help me find it again!

oh man this is so vague. ok maybe 8 years ago I read a childrens book, which was already out of print. So I'd say it was written at the earliest in 2000, probably a little earlier.

The title had a woman's name in it I believe. Mrs. Something and the Something. It was a book for young children, so it was a picture book with a couple of sentences per page. The illustrations were GORGEOUS. I remember them as being kind of pale and impressionistic.

All I can remember for sure is that at the end, I was bawling. I know the book followed the story of this one lady who lived her life being kind of eccentric but always kind to people. Then at the end she dies and is met by all the strangers she helped or did little kind things for in passing. And I think maybe at first they appear to her like birds or swirls of wind or flowers? But then eventually she realizes who they are?

If anyone has any ideas that would be great!
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Miss Rumphius?
posted by oinopaponton at 2:04 PM on September 9, 2010

Possibly Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney?
posted by jph at 2:05 PM on September 9, 2010

Miss Rumphius followed her grandfather's instructions to make the world a more beautiful place, and after her globetrotting adventures she ends up planting absolute scads of lupine flowers.
posted by redsparkler at 2:10 PM on September 9, 2010

I was gong to say Miss Rumphius, which certainly makes me cry to the point where I could barely read it to my own kids.
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I love Miss Rumphius, and have read it many times, but your description is completely not how it ends.
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I really wish it was La Carona and the Tin Frog, easily one of my favourite childhood books.
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I mean "corona" of course
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No, its not Miss Rumphius, although that book sounds lovely. Please keep trying!
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Can you remember anything else? Was she old in the beginning or did she age as the story progressed?
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One of the Mrs. Armitage books? (younger kids, picture book. She has a dog named Breakspear)
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In case anyone is still reading this, I found the book! I wrote an email to a sales person at Penguin Putnam and she knew the answer! It's Ophelia's Shadow Theater, by Michael Ende (the guy who wrote The Neverending Story, so you know he's good!). Oh man, I'm so happy. I'm off to Abebooks to buy a copy.
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