Help me not be jobless in 4 months
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Graduating in December and applying for jobs now so that I'm not SOL in 3-4 months. Getting really great feedback on my resume and have had multiple phone interviews with various companies that sound really positive and interested in me. Now what?

So we do a phone interview, they really like me, they understand I graduate in December and say they will keep in touch. I shoot off a thank you letter after the phone interview.

I've never been in a situation where I couldn't start working immediately so not sure how to proceed here. Are they supposed to make me an offer after the phone interview? Am I being too optimistic by thinking the phone interview went well if I don't hear back from them after a week? A month?

What's the standard operating procedure now? Do I wait for them to remember me closer to December? Do I call them again? Do I email them again? What do I say?

Any help is appreciated.
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That seems strange to me.. in software fields at least, companies are very used to committing to people way in advance for graduating students - many people I know got jobs for this fall back in June, and the hiring process was identical other than "ok, your start date is Sept __" instead of "next week." It may well differ by industry. But it also may be worth contacting one of the companies you felt you did really well with (or have a good contact in) and asking them about the timeline for hiring, since [insert reason for wanting to know sooner rather than later].
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I'm not sure what industry you're in, but unless you're applying for uncompetitive internships or something, nobody will offer you a job after one phone interview. I'm surprised your graduation date and availability start date hasn't come up in conversation. Usually the phone interview is a screening for an in person interview, and almost all of the companies that wanted me to go to the "next step" got back to me within a week or two of the phone interview to let me know. For future reference, at the end of the phone interview, it's probably best to ask them what the next step should be and when you can expect to hear back from them. If you haven't heard back from the companies you've already talked to for awhile, it wouldn't hurt to check in at this point. Also, plenty of people get hired months in advance (in fact, it's my understanding that most competitive jobs work this way). They probably wouldn't have contacted you if they didn't know this, since I assume you made it clear on your resume that you were not graduating until December.
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If you're applying for graduate jobs, it's very likely there's at least another two or even three stages to the process, perhaps including assessment centres with other graduates and in-person interviews with hiring managers. These will obviously be done in batches to minimise disruption for the people doing them, and will likely start happening over the next couple of months.

At each stage, most companies will confirm you've got to the next stage or not. However, these letters/emails might, again, be scheduled to go out once batches of interviews are complete.

My advice? Keep applying so you have options. Ideally you'll find yourself in the nice dilemma of having to choose between employers in a few months time.
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