Last night without braces...
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Getting braces tomorrow morning. What food/foods should I eat tonight... in terms of things I won't be able to eat for the next couple years? What did you miss eating when you had braces?
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I missed biting straight into an apple instead of cutting it with a knife.
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I wish I could favorite zephyr_words' comment a thousand times. Eat an apple without a knife, corn on the cob... maybe chew some gum.

Whatever you eat, please remember to floss and to enjoy every minute of it. That's what I missed about having braces-- easy flossing.

Other than that... you'll probably eat anything you want to eat while you're wearing them. Don't sweat it.
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Best answer: Yes, definitely apples. And caramels. So: caramel apples!
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Best answer: Every single time I had problems with my braces, it was because of Doritos. Learn from my mistake.
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Yeah, I don't even like caramel apples, but I wanted them when I had braces. It's one of those things where you always want what you can't have.
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Bagels. I tore wires out several times trying to eat bagels.
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Corn on the cob. And oddly, pineapple. My braces made it all stringy.
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Popcorn. I tried to eat it once with braces on, and got so many bits of kernel wedged underneath the wires that it wasn't worth the hassle.
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Caramel. Agreeing with Doritos (sigh). Chomp into some popsicles. Really crusty chewy bread - broke a bracket on that once. Delicious sandwich, but not worth the hassle.
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I bought my son a box of See's carmels and chews. (See's is regional brand of very good chocolate candy)
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Caramel apples are what my youngest missed most.

Although, I don't think I've seen him eat one once since the braces came off so make of that what you will.
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nthing Caramel. I once gave into the temptation and ate a caramel. Band came off, parents got mad, orthodontist got mad, etc. (was worth it though.) Oh yes! and gummi bears!
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Definitely corn on the cob. With real butter. Fresh corn, fresh butter.
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Best answer: Starbursts and gum. I missed chewing gum soooo badly.
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Popcorn is doable with braces, if you get a Water Pik. And I had old-school full bands.
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when I got my braces off, we stopped at a 7-11 and I got a sugar daddy - just a thick, hard bar of gummy caramel. HEAVEN. anything like that. bit o' honey.
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Best answer: Corn on the cob is strangely delicious when you stand it up on the plate and zip down the sides with a knife, allowing plank-shaped rows of kernels to fall off.

Invest in a good Water Pik now, if your orthodontist hasn't already told you to. It will make life easier on the days you disobey him. I frequently did that, in clever ways. ("It doesn't count if I savor the caramel till it melts, instead of chewing on it.")

You will want to get close to chocolate pudding for a while. Someone told me that sweet baby foods were good when your braces were new -- I definitely didn't find any good baby food, myself.
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I didn't miss certain foods so much as I missed unhindered flossing.
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Mixed greens in a salad. I had the worst time with curly things like endive and anything with stems. They would get caught in the wires and make me gag.
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tootsie rolls and candy bars with nougat and caramel in them.
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Rock candy.
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Crusty bread, like the heel of a sourdough loaf. No matter how small I tore it, I would always break a bracket. Salad, because I couldn't gracefully eat it. Half the salad stays in your wires and you seriously have to brush, floss, and waterpik to get it all out. Ridiculous at a restaurant, so I gave it up.

(PS - I could not have tolerated braces without being able to chew gum after appointments. Maybe it's because I was 21 and she could trust me to chew carefully, but my ortho had NO problems with my gum chewing. It eases the after-tightening pain.)
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Cheese puffs, if you care for such trash.

Bubble gum - I found I could actually chew regular mint gum with my braces, but not the cheap (sticky, tough) stuff that's good for bubbles.
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Peanuts, Peanuts, My kingdom for a handful of Peanuts!

I have a year to go and a can of honey-roasted goodness will be my first purchase when they come off.
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Best answer: all previous good answers, but also spare ribs. I hated having the stringy meat stuck. But it is absolutely right that you should get a waterpik because it's the best way to keep stuff out.
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Maybe I am just reckless, but I have had braces for 3 years now and the only thing I have not been able to eat is corn on the cob. I eat popcorn, nuts, starburst, caramel... whatever. Actually, apples are a no go too, now that I think about it. And I doubt that a Sugar Daddy would be possible, but I have not tried.

I also use a waterpik about 2 or 3 times a day, which helps immensely.

But everything else? Gimme it... I'll eat it. Quick side note: after 3 years, I go in for my surgical consult in two days to schedule my long overdue orthognathic surgery. After that, just 6 more months of braces and I am done.
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Flossing. So much harder with braces.
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Someone's face!

Seriously though, kissing and other oral... um.. 'activities' with a significant other are much more enjoyable without them, although not entirely impossible.

And as everyone has pointed out... absolutely corn on the cob. I missed it soooo much, and it's the perfect time of year!
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I've had braces for the last year, and still have them. The only foods I've given up are sunflower seeds and uncut apples. YMMV, but I've not had any problem eating popcorn, nuts, salad, corn on the cob, etc, except for possibly some extra crap stuck in my mouth when I was done. Nor has the pain ever prevented me from eating anything (never been worse than a dull ache for me).

It's true that flossing takes 5 minutes with braces as opposed to 30 seconds without.
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peanut butter (the chunky chunky kind)
for me, at least, it was painful to eat with braces.
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nthing flossing. I had braces for well over six years and as an adult I think I floss oftener than anyone else I know. I love it. I love how it feels.

Definitely eat corn on the cob and a caramel apple, but more than those, floss afterwards. Kiss that feeling goodbye.
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Snickers and Milky Way! (so - nthing caramel)
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Tootsie Rolls.
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You can eat pretty much anything with braces, just sometimes you have to be more careful. Caramels, gummies, and anything chewy/sticky like that is probably bad.
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I ate absolutely everything when I had braces. Corn on the cob was a bit more shredded than actually eaten, but it was still fine. (And damn tasty.)

The only thing I ever had a problem with was when I tried to loosen a bolt with my teeth and popped the glue off one of the braces.

Otherwise I wouldn't sweat it. If you really have a craving after you get braces go for it.

An Nthing the Water Pik.

It's also been speculated that people with braces are better kissers because they have to pay closer attention to what they're doing. Having been on both sides of braces and intimate contact I never found anything that couldn't be done when the desire was high enough and proper attention was paid.
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Response by poster: I wanted to just follow up with this quickly. That night, I opted for a meal of ribs, doritos, caramel apples on sticks, starbursts, and milk duds... So thank you for all of those suggestions. Some of them didn't occur to me, and some of them definitely did...

After a month of having braces, I can honestly say I don't have trouble eating much at all. I stay away from really dumb stuff, like chewing gum... But I eat chips, I eat peanuts, I eat steak. I eat basically what I ate before, but I just need to go about it a bit differently. Smaller bites, slower eating... and a visit to the bathroom with my toothbrush when I am done.

May I also thank the person who suggested the waterpik. That has been awesome in so many ways and it has gotten me out of some seriously trapped food situations.

One thing that was on the list the ortho gave me... that no one mentioned here... was raw carrots and celery... which is actually something I WILL miss. She said that uncooked, they are too hard to chew (unless they are cut into itty bitty slivers). So. For future reference... If you're going to get braces, you should have a celery stick with some peanut butter and why not make it crunchy peanut butter at that!? Two birds, one stone. :P
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