It's been 7 years and I need a shower.
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Please help me find this elusive bath set.

About 7 years ago, I was given a nice bath set by a lady at a Goodwill. It contained lotion, bath gel, a pouf and a little plastic bag, all on a nice round caddy with the "bad hair day" logo on the little plastic bag plastered all over it. It smelled like strawberries and all of the items were pink, red or white. All of the items had that logo on it.

I'm looking for this bathset again, as it smelled wonderful and I got hit by the nostalgia bug. I'm looking everywhere I can, but no dice.

Anyone had this bathset/has better googlefu than me?
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Best answer: For some reason I think I saw this at Target, as one of their merchandise lines. But no amount of Googling is turning up a meaningful connection, so I might just be imagining things.
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I've seen similar things at Ricky's, but their website isn't loading for me at the moment.
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I'm not sure if they still make it, but look for stuff from David & Goliath.
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Struck out on what you are looking for but found these rather cute strawberry (and papaya strawberry and vanilla strawberry) bath sets.
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Best answer: That's definitely a Target teen item from several years back (Target sends customer returns and unsold seasonal items to Goodwill Industries). I bought some of that same line, mine is a four pack of fizzy bath tablets and oil beads. Here's the details off the back of the packaging:

TM & ©Fred is Red, Inc. Used under license.
Licensee: Tri-Coastal Design
East Hanover, NJ 07936
Made in China

Tri-Coastal is a wholesaler: Target contracted with them to produce the soaps/packaging using a look and feel licensed from Fred is Red. I'll bet the same bath products are being sold under different packaging for another retailer, best bet is to contact them and ask if they can point you to a retailer carrying a similar product.
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Response by poster: I seriously thought no one would come forward, but thank you everybody for the nice sleuthing work!

It is incredible to me that you found that info, jamaro. Thanks loads! I'll drop them a line and see if they can reunite me with my beloved good smelling stuff. But I'm buying other good smelling stuff too, now that I have other similar looking leads! Thanks everyone!
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Heh, I always like admitting to the entire internet that there's ancient bath beads sitting in my hall closet.

Also, there's always ebay.
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