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Amazon Prime (or locally delivered in Redmond) Housewarming gift?

My boyfriend is moving in to his new apartment on Friday. He is currently out of the country, so he will be flying in straight to a new apartment (but not to a new city; he lived there last summer) and probably arriving late at night. He will have a roommate, but I'm not certain yet if his roommate will arrive before or after him. I do not live in the same city (or state).

I just got his address and I'm already writing him a letter, but I'd love to try to have something show up for him when he arrives. I'll be asking him if there's anything he can think of that he wants to ship before him, but that will probably end up being stuff he'll pay for, and I'd like to send him an actual gift.

I'm also willing to pay for something to be locally delivered, so if anyone knows of something in Redmond, WA that could be delivered Friday or Saturday, that would work too.

Budget is... $50 or under. $20 or under even better. But I'm willing to inch closer to $100 for something really, really amazing because I owe him a graduation gift too. Bonus points for consumables or things that will not be a hassle to move again/are worth moving again, because this is a relatively temporary (but unfurnished) apartment. He'll be there between one and six months.

I'm in the middle of studying for an exam which either means I'll be monitoring this thread closely, or I'll disappear, but any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
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it might help if you mention his interests or tastes? Does he like to make coffee? How about a french press? Does he have a cat that sheds?
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I am partial to Edible Arrangements. I think $50 cuts it close, but check it out. And here's a coupon for $4 off.
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Bodum Thermal-wall glasses. These aren't the sort of thing most people would think of. They're great for hot or cold drinks, and work just like a thermos. Various sizes and shapes.

Bonus nerd cred: The ones I linked are the same ones Adama drinks scotch from on BSG.
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Well, what does he like? What is he like?

Does he like cooking and have a sense of humor?

What about a s couple of these cool animal kitchen tools?I've seen them in stores like Target as well.. or giraffe toiletbowl cleaner.

Does he have basic tools? What about a tool set?

Lumen Oil Candle Shadow Projectors?

Is he nerdy? Try think geek
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He's not partial to coffee (he'll drink it but he doesn't seek it out). He does like tea (and hot chocolate, and chocolate in general). He has a good selection of teas from adagio already, and he has one of their Ingenuitea things. He will probably not have immediate access to it though, so some bagged tea and a mug of some sort might be nice.

Fruit is a good option, so I will definitely check out Edible Arrangements. He really likes fruit. And cheese. And bread. And nuts, especially hazelnuts. He's trying to lose weight so I generally avoid giving him candy as gifts, but I will occasionally buy him really good chocolate.

General interests and likes: computers & technology (he has an apple laptop, an Android phone, a Nook, a wii and an xbox 360), pc games, cats (but he doesn't have any pets) and cute animals in general... He likes stuffed animals but I'm really picky about buying him new ones because it will be around forever as he will never get rid of it. He's usually pretty easy to please, and has fairly simple, utility based tastes. Things that make his life easier or more comfortable are always good. I bought him some slippers from Target once that made him really happy (he does the no outdoor shoes indoors thing, as do I) so maybe some new slippers would be nice.
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His cooking is currently mostly limited to salad and sandwich making, but I think he's interested in learned.

He has a leatherman wave, but I'm not sure if he has an actual tool set. Oh wow. I want that tool set... I've been itching for my own drill for a while!

He is indeed nerdy/geeky, but would thinkgeek arrive that quickly?
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Fleebnork, what size would you recommend for those glasses? I am a big fan 8oz sized glasses as I don't drink large volumes at a time, but he really downs water.
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Weber BBQ? or a drill. Everyone needs a drill.
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You could always buy him something from the android market. Tasker is a great app. As a guy speaking for a guy, don't get him 8 oz glasses. Every 8 oz glass I have sits in the cupboard because it doesn't hold enough liquid. Also agree w/ all the tool comments. Especially a good multi-tool like the leatherman.
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My husband has loved every bathrobe I've ever bought him. That's within your price range, too.
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Ok, it's looking like a drill might be a good candidate, though rather different from the feel I was originally going for.

Any drill recommendations? The one linked above will cost me $40 to ship and won't arrive till the 14th. =( Is 12 volts enough? Is 18 volts overkill? Should I get a drill + tools set, or buy a drill and tools seperately?

I just remembered that I have $30 worth of gift cards so I'm more inclined to push my budget now.
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Uwajimaya gift card?
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Yeah if he's a big water-guzzler go with the largest size possible. I use the 8 oz. tumblers for coffee, tea, or cocktails on the rocks.
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I remember Uwajimaya! He went there last summer and loved it but could never remember the name. :)

And Fleebnork, duly noted. I was about to buy them but I'm hesitant now because my bodum mug has developed a tiny hole (where the glass was fused?) and annoyingly accumulates water inside the walls. My mother's mugs are fine though, minus the one that was broken. Still, glasses would be a nice thing to have.
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Make sure it's dried out and put a spot of silicone sealant on it. Available at the hardware store with the caulking stuff.
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omg, thank you so much Fleebnork! I almost want to mark that as best answer.
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Is that like killing two AskMefis with one stone?
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Probably too late because you seem to have already gotten him something, but one of the best gifts I've ever received was a waterpik showerhead. It easily installs and I've taken it with me from apartment to apartment. The showerheads that come with apartments tend to be pretty awful, so having a decent one is worth it.
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Definitely killing two AskMefis with one stone.

And sciencegeek, you aren't too late. :) I'm not completely set on the drill/tool set.
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Ok, I think I'm going with a drill! Or rather, an entire set. I found out that the set that KogeLiz linked is available direct from Target and I can get free shipping. This unfortunately means that it won't arrive on time, but I'm willing to trade that for a gift that functions as a really nice, durable graduation gift/housewarming present, instead of a simple brief, "Welcome to your new home!" (and it seems there's a chance that the letter I mailed today will arrive maybe not Friday, but Saturday).

Thank you all for your help! Other suggestions remain in the running to be gifts in the future. :)
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find out what takeout food options are in his neighborhood and arrange to have a hot meal he likes delivered shortly after he arrives. Alternatively, have a nice breakfast delivered for the next morning if he's getting in really late.
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