Does this weird kids' sci-fi series/movie really exist?
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Does this slightly bizarre sci-fi series/movie about a guy who becomes weightless and flies around using compressed air cans really exist or am I making it up?

I have vivid memories of some of the strange TV shows I watched as a kid. Some, like The Bluffers, Round the Twist and Erasmus Microman turned out to be real, but there is one that still bugs me:

All I can remember is that the main character has the ability to become weightless (by "hydrolizing"?!) and fly around using cans of compressed air (or some sort of aerosol products!) as directional jets.

Any clues? Or is this a tragic case of kids' TV false memory syndrome?
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My Seret Identity ?
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I agree with Robot Hero. There's a shot in the opening sequence.
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Totally exists. Starred a young Jerry O'Connell.
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Confirmation again that

a) MeFi is *the* place to find out these things / that there are other people who care about these things


b) Canadian TV is just great.
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This also really reminds me of a kids short story (perhaps short novel) about two friends, one of whom has so much willpower that he's able to "will" himself lighter and be able to fly with assistance like the compressed air you have mentioned. I know you've found your answer, but it's interesting to me that this can possibly be related.
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If it had indeed been a case of kids' TV false memory syndrome, I've got a fake song on endless loop in my head now.
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*theme song
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The show was actually pretty good too, despite the sillyness of the spray cans.
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