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What Private Clubs are worth it? As a recently minted member of The Magic Castle I'm wondering what other Private Clubs are worth the membership fees and any of the hassle of becoming a member.

My membership to the Magic Castle is proving to be a great investment. My gf is gobsmacked at the fun of it and we've already taken friends who loved every minute of it.

I just learned that the Castle has reciprocal arrangements with a couple of clubs, including the House of Blues Foundation Room on Sunset and the Gramercy Park Players Club in NYC as well as the Magic Circle in London. Aside from these venues are there other private clubs that we might get a kick out of?

Locations in southern California, San Francisco, Vegas, Chicago and Denver would be awesome - but if it's cool enough by all means, let me know!
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I do not know how much money you are looking to spend.
I love art, so I am a member of a lot of art museums.
That usually gives you access to exhibitions early,
private lectures etc.

Exclusive Resorts is a private club you could join. It will allow you access
to some of the most luxurious houses around the world, as a destination
for your vacations.
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Response by poster: thanks digividal - Exclusive Resorts is a tad out of my price range. But an interesting idea!
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Do take advantage of your reciprocal membership at the wonderful Players Club if in NY. Try to make it on one of the open mic Mondays hosted by Brute Force, and ask someone connected to take you to the top of the house to see Edwin Booth's bedroom.

You might have a look at the Los Angeles Athletic Club. It's nowhere near as frisky a scene as the Magic Castle, but the workout facilities are great and you can't beat the cheap downtown parking.
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The Foundation Room isn't really worth it, but I'd say the Player's Club would be great. Farther afield, the Groucho Club would be well worth the fees.
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