Your 4-5 Desert Island Skate Videos?
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What are the 4 - 5 most relevant skateboarding videos ever made, and why? I've never owned a skate video, but I'd like to buy a few that represent a good breadth of the most excellent or influential ones.

For most of my life I've lived with, or at least been friends with, guys with great collections of skate videos. But now I don't know where to start if I just want to own a handful of great ones that also represent a broad view of the whole pantheon.

I love the dangerous/crazy/artful/surprising/inventive tricks, of course. But I also like the bizarre senses of humor, the excellent soundtracks, and the beautifully shot and assembled sequences. There's no single thing I'm necessarily looking for. I've seen compelling footage of everything from skaters being attacked by crazy suburban motorists, to some guys quietly skating a ramp they built in an isolated desert junkyard while the sun went down. Dissimilar is good. First appearance of a trick or style is good. I don't necessarily prefer newer or older. (Though it'd be kind of a bonus to have at least one from the Old School, like, Powell-Peralta days, and maybe something from Spike Jonze and something that has Rodney Mullen in there too.)

So if you could only rescue 4-5 skate videos from the apocalypse, which ones would you save and why?

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Best answer: The Search for Animal Chin, one of the Powell-Peralta full-length videos. Captures mid-1980's skating at its finest, starring legends Lance Mountain, Mike McGill, Steve Caballero, and a fresh-faced Tony Hawk. If I had spent more time actually skating and not watching that video, I would have been a much better skater. Lots of goofy fun and creative skating in unique environments.

You could also consider its predecessor, Future Primitive.
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Best answer: my 4-5 would be:

- the DC video
- Propaganda (powell peralta)
- fully flared (lakai)
- bag of suck (enjoi)
- rubbish heap (world industries)
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Best answer: On the Spike Jonze front, Video Days is pretty classic. It's his first video (or pretty early) and its got Mark Gonzales and Jason Lee, among others. It's from the early '90s and gives a great feel to what it was like to chill out and skate around.

Another good Spike Jonze video is Yeah Right! It's pretty funny and has a great soundtack. It's also got a lot more money behind it and they use it in sequences like one where everyone is skating on invisible boards.
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Seconding the Search for Animal Chin. It was the skateboarding video of my youth (and the concurrent time before my body told me to stop skating). It's got the goofy humor. It's got a half-baked plot, and skaters attempting to almost sort of act. Best, it has the massive ramp in the isolated desert at the end. But it's all about skating, and it's got some great stuff.

I miss my Lance Mountain skateboard...
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Best answer: I see Mullen vs. Song pt 2 as a classic, personally.
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Youtube has Animal Chin. Here's Part One.
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Best answer: Video Days (Blind)

Questionable (Plan B)

Yeah Right (Girl)

Round Three (Almost)

(I would add H-Street's Hocus Pocus, but it's too long and has bad production values, but it captured the beginning of modern technical street skating.)
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Best answer: Google Video's gone one better than youtube:

Full Length Search for Animal Chin
Full Length Future Primitive

When I was really little, and you could borrow a film projector and reel movies from the local library, we used to get out the Magic Rolling Board any time my siblings or I had a birthday party. And lo and behold, Google Video has that one too. This is REALLY old school stuff:

The Magic Rolling Board
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Best answer: 'Yeah Right!' is a definite. You should also see one or more of the classic era Bones Brigade vids. Personally 'Public Domain' is the iconic one for me.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the excellent answers! They're exactly what I wanted.

I was able to dig up all of these on Google Video (except Video Days). Just so they're all in one place: Other folks have also recommended me Looking forward to watching all these and starting a collection. Thanks again
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