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What is the best online store for uploading photos to have made into wooden puzzles?

I've scanned some old b&w photos of my great-grandparents that I would like to have made into wooden puzzles. Does anyone have experience with online companies where you can upload hi-res photos that they'll transform into high quality, 500-1000 piece wooden puzzles? Thanks in advance.
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Response by poster: Or any online puzzle manufacturers for that sake. Suppose it doesn't have to be wooden.
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Best answer: A 1000-piece custom wooden puzzle will be quite expensive.
Probably $1800-3000+. Is that in your budget?
Here is your guy.

For the rest of us, Shutterfly offers a 250-piece non-wood version inside a matching photo box for about 30 bucks.
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Response by poster: ...Shutterfly it is. My budget is considerably smaller than that.
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