Need a good way to take notes in college
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I really need a good note taking app for my iPad. I'm studying in the Computer Science major. I take Discrete Math, Software Design, Economics 101, and Precalculus. I'm currently using Noterize, but I don't like its lack of organization of notes. It doesn't really feel like a fully baked app. I would really prefer something that lets me type, scribble with my Pogo Sketch stylus, and also support bullet points. A really good UI would also be nice though not the most important. And third party export would be a nice plus. Are there any good apps like this?
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I use Evernote for complex stuff and SimpleNote for ... um ... simple stuff.
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Response by poster: But neither Evernote nor Simplenpte have handwriting support.
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You don't mean OCR for your handwriting do you?
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Response by poster: OCR isn't as important to me as just the ability to scribble notes a.k.a. Penultimate.
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Try Sundry Notes.
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i like notetaker hd
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I am going to try to use SmartNote in school this year, but honestly I was planning on sticking with pen and paper in the math-heavy courses.
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I haven't used it personally, but Helvetinote might fit the bill for you.
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Penultimate is a worthy note tool. Outputs to PDF and allows a great deal of sketching.
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Honestly, WritePad is the only way to go. I've tried the lot of them (including Penultimate, which is decent) but it is the only one that provides handwriting recognition and converts it into text.

Give it a shot. I use it religiously and with a stylus, it can't be beat.
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What are people using as a stylus? I never knew that was possible with the iPad.
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dobbs: The Pogo Sketch stylus is great with both iPad and iPhone.
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good news everyone!

from what i can tell from penultimate reviews (TUAW and some site called tablet lawyer) that penultimate outputs to PDF.

here is more info from igoipad where they send their penultimate PDFs to their evernote email

if you use evernote premium your PDF's become searchable.

there are a number of apps in evernote trunk (mobile) which say they can be used for handwritten notes, and be sent to evernote but i have no experience with them.

anyway, from what i can tell evernote premium ($45/year) + penultimate = solution for you
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I have had the chance to use a few notetaking programs for my first 10 hours of class and I dont think smartNote will do the job. Its a good idea, but the implementation is not solid enough, it is dog slow, and is far too wedded to the "notebook" metaphor. There is no reason, for example, for it to trim my notes to 8.5 x 11 when exporting, therefore leaving some of my notes unexported. Mistakes like that dont get a second chance from me. If you want to give it a try, however, it does have synching.

I am going to try iNote for iPad. It is text-only, which is a pain. But perhaps a good text-only editor is better than a mediocre text and graphic editor. It synch with google docs, which is quite convenient and has a good hierarchical file structure.

My next try might be apple's pages.
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Best way I've found if I need a regular backup (I'm a mathematician, BTW, and OCR is pretty much worthless for me) is to use Penultimate then email the page or book to my Evernote account. If I'm just thinking I use Adobe Ideas (free) which lets me zoom in and out a ton which is great for detailed diagrams and big ideas with small important bits.
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