Hottest cinnamon gum around?
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What is the hottest, spiciest cinnamon gum available?

I loved the Dragon Fire cinnamon gum--then when it was discontinued, I found Altoids cinnamon gum. Now both have been discontinued, and I can't find another cinnamon gum I like! I need it to be very spicy, and the less 'fake' tasting the better. I've tried pretty much everything commonly stocked at the grocery--Dentyne Fire, Orbit Cinnamint, Wrigley's 5-flare, Glee Gum, me find a replacement!
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I came in to say Altoids cinnamon gum, but I see that was what you were previously chewing. I lost my sense of taste for two days several years ago because of that damned Altoids gum.

Do you have a World Market where you live? That's where I would go if I were in the market for non-standard, burn-my-tongue-off gums.
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How about hot cinnamon toothpicks?
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