Candy & Quitting Smoking
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I have recently quit smoking and thanks to the oral-fixation soothing powers of Altoids, I've been doing fairly well. Unfortunately...

Unfortunately, the Altoids have started to give me terrible heartburn and I can't take antacids because of my blood pressure medication. Bit O Honeys and Twizzler Bites are poor replacements- I really need a hard candy with a shockingly strong flavor, but I'm coming up with nothing. Can anyone suggest a hard candy (not sour) that fits this description? I'm happy to order online/overseas.

(Other low-calorie food suggestions welcome; I've already got tons of carrot and celery sticks.)
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No suggestions for hard candy, but for low calorie food, try this:

Every time you feel a craving, drink 4 glasses of water. Also, completely cut caffeine out of your diet. It will make things much easier.
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What about pretzel rods?
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Best answer: Ginger candy sounds best. Some of 'em are really strong. Other ideas: Cinnamon candy. Or nips. Sugar-free "gourmet" jelly beans.
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peppermints--strong flavor and good for the stomach. or cinnamon redhots.
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Best answer: It's not candy, but cinnamon toothpicks worked wonders for me when I quit.
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Licorice--the strong, foreign kind, not the chewy ropes.
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FYI - licorice is a no-no for people with blood pressure issues. I've occasionally come across some really strong ginger candies in an altoid-like box. They're great, and will probably reduce your heartburn as well.
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Best answer: You should try Smints (here's their web site, filled with flash goodness). These little buggers are intense, though not quite as intense as altoids, so odds are they won't screw with your stomach. In addition, they're actually supposed to be good for your teeth.
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Do other Altoid brand candies produce the same heart-burning issues?

The Citrus Sours by Altoids are really strong and well flavored.

All of the Altoid Flavors can be found here.
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Best answer: I've been rocking the orbitz gum lately.
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I wonder if Altoid's sugar-free smalls would cause the same problem or not? Perhaps worth a try. In any event, best of luck to you with quitting.
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Fisherman's Friend throat lozenges are surprisingly strong as well
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Best answer: Jolly Ranchers?

I myself at a shitload of CornNuts when I quit.
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Smints are great--tiny, but incredibly strong (and very cool packaging)
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I quit smoking with the help of tootsie pops. They satisfied the oral fixation, gave me something to do with my hands and I got the reward of all that sugary goodness.
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I used Nicorette gum to quit nearly three months ago. It has a strong flavor and enough nicotine to satisfy the craving. I don't think that I would have made it this far without it.

I don't think that quiting caffeine is practical when you're trying to give up nicotine. I wouldn't even try it.
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I've never smoked, but recently sent several packs of these delicious "chewing sticks" to a friend who just quit, and she says they've helped her immensely.
Plus, they give you nice breath and help clean yer teefs! And make you look like a longshoreman! I chew them all day long.
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Best answer: Atomic Fireball red hot cinnamon jaw-breakers. You can get them in, like, 5 gallon jars at Costco. When you finish the jar, recover with baby-cut carrots. Best of luck.
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Every time you feel a craving, drink 4 glasses of water.

Jesus. That sounds like a way to die if you have a real addiction.
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Lemonheads. They even make them in little lemonhead lollipops for the added joy of having something sticking out of your mouth and to occupy your hands.

Dum Dums might also be good for that purpose.
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Watch yourself with the various sour candies, the substances used in most of them to create the sour taste can be hard on your teeth and gums. I can't say whether they cause any lasting harm but they certainly can create extreme sensitivities, particularly if you have the slightest amount of gum recession.
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headspace said "not sour", guys.

I like the ginger and liquorice flavored Altoids, but I hate having sugar on my teeth (you might want to think about that), so I use tea tree oil toothpicks. I love love love them.

Dr. Wu, those are my brand!
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Best answer: Maybe ice chips? No calories, plus when you have one in your mouth, you certainly know it, thus satisfying the oral fixation.
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I had forgotten about cinamon toothpicks - we used to chew on them all the time when I was a kid. Where would I find these delightful things now?
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Best answer: Ginger Chews. You can prolly get a little package of 'em at your local Chinese grocer. They usually come in small rectangular cigarette pack type packages.
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Irontom, you can make your own!
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go to the bulk food section and get a bag of candied ginger. Chewy and SUPER GINGERY!!! (As i type that i visualise ginger flying over a skyline with a cape.)

Anyways candied ginger is strong enough that i always need to take little teeny bites, so bigger bites would probably do the overwhelm-your-mouth-thing you're going for.
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Spree -- I chomp them, but you don't have to.
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I don't have any good suggestions for candy, but congratulations on quitting smoking! I'm approaching one month quit, myself.

I do have one non-candy idea: use the power of suggestion to convince yourself that you don't have an oral fixation after all! If it's harmful or a burden to believe that you have to substitute something for the cigarettes, convince yourself to believe something else. You can quit smoking forever. Your beliefs and your actions are under your own control. Good luck!
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SuperLemons. You can find them in Asian supermarkets.
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Best answer: I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Root Beer Barrels. There are a few different versions, some of which are more strongly or sharply flavored than others, and none of them are sour, which meets your taste criterion.
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Best answer: I've found that when I quit smoking, I developed a Jolly Rancher addiction. Not the ones that come in rolls, but the ones that are individually wrapped. You can find them in your bulk-foods aisle at your local grocery store.

I particularly like the cherry and the blue ones. They taste very strong and last for a long, long time. And, if you get them in the bulk aisle, you can pick which flavors you want!

Oh, make sure you have dental :)
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Best answer: If you like the taste of ginger, then check out The Ginger People They have strong ginger candy called Gin-Gins, and soft candies made of ginger+peanuts, ginger+apples, ginger toffee... etc

A nice sharp taste without the tiresome mint taste.
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Myntz are sugar free, have intense mint flavor and are hard.

I buy mine at Trader Joe's.
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I used tangerines, it really helped that I had to stop and peel them before I could eat them. Good luck!
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Response by poster: Wow, thank you guys all so much for your suggestions- I'm going to be trying most of them! I can't believe I forgot about Spree, and I can't believe I never heard of Root Beer Barrels or Candied Ginger. Tangerines and pretzels sound awesome, too! I appreciate you all offering so many ideas, I look forward to trying them! (No worries on the licorice, btw- I take BP medication for my migraines, not my BP, go figure!)
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Best answer: Search for tea tree oil chewing sticks....enjoy.
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Best answer: Congrats on quitting. Just another suggestion: Trident White Peppermint gum. It's got a very nice bite, and helps whiten your teeth if they need it.
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Response by poster: November update: with gum, gingers, and all the different kinds of candies y'all suggested (I went to town buying candy!) I haven't had a cigarette since I quit in March. Thank you guys so much for your suggestions *and* your encouragement!
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