Happy International Literacy Day!
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Help my brother celebrate International Literacy Day with Kindergartners!

My brother is student teaching in a kindergarten class, and would like to spark their imagination to celebrate International Literacy Day on September 8th. What are some of the best new books out there to share with children in this age group?
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*Editing to add that he is not just looking for new books - the time-tested standard recommendations will be appreciated, too.
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"Bats at the Library" by Brian Lies is very fun! And the illustrations are full of characters from other stories - they're just beautiful.
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In the "classics" realm, I have yet to meet the 3-6 year old (both male and female) who doesn't love the "Jillian Jiggs" stories.

Last but not least "Eliot Jones, Midnight Superhero" has also been loved by the kids I babysit who are in that age range.
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Maybe to go along with the stories, he could have them make some kind of book-related art? Perhaps puppets based on the story/stories he chooses?
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Laurel Snyder writes amazing children's books!
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How about having them make their own autobiographical books with construction paper covers, regular paper pages and yarn bindings? He can give them a guide/template to work from, something along the lines of: Title: All About [insert name]; Page 1: My name is [insert name]. I'm [insert number] years old. Page 2: I have [insert number] brothers and... Etc.
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I work on this site, so am biased, but I think the lists here are pretty great:

Also, don't miss the following booklists for International Literacy Day:

Around the World
World Folktales
It's a Small World After All

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The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch. I attended a first birthday party today where this book was given as a gift, and everyone - adults and kids - was passing this book around.
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