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Free and easy alternative to Tinychat for private group videoconferencing?

I like sexy sex as if it were my profession and know a lot of people on the internet that also do. Sometimes, we like to go and do sexy sexual things in front of our webcams. Often there are more than just 2 webcams and 2 locations involved.

You would think it would be fairly easy to make this happen, but no. Instant messengers that allow camming require everyone to download and install new software which isn't fully functional on all platforms. As sweet as Skype is, it only allows 1 to 1 webcamming.

There are a myriad of flash-based webcam chat sites out there, but most are heavyhandedly moderated. Even supposedly private rooms are monitored, and naked participants kicked and banned. Others require monies before one can view more than 1 or 2 webcams at once, or the size and quality of the video and audio feeds are just plain crap.

Tinychat was awesome for this purpose for a while. No signup, intuitive to use, and pretty decent quality streams. Now suddenly you can't get away with any sort of sexy sex for very long without the sexiest of the sexers being given a 12 hour ban. Nobody is flagging anyone here, it's just somebody's job to sit and check every stream in every user created room until they find something sexy and click goodbye.

Something just like Tinychat only without the moderation would be perfect, but I can get people to signup for a new site if it's worthwhile enough for them to do so. Something free, multiplatform, that can be made private, with decent quality video + audio, where no random overlords are going to ban us just for having sexytime.

Any ideas, guys?
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the new skype beta for windows only allows up to 5 person videoconferencing... but that is windows only...
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