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Wii exercise games that don't require the nunchuk?

I'd like to use my Wii to get more cardio exercise. In the past I've enjoyed Wii Sports, particularly boxing, and feel like I get a decent workout from it. However, due to a disability, it's not possible for me to hold a Wiimote or nunchuk in my right hand. Aside from this issue, I have decent mobility with my right arm and do want to use it in my workouts. Currently this requires strapping the Wiimote to my forearm, which is really uncomfortable, and most of the time the game can't detect my moves anyway.

So I'm interested in workout-type Wii games that can be played without 2 hands. I don't mind if it just doesn't register right arm movements, so long as that doesn't result in a poor score that prevents me from unlocking further exercises. DDR is a little bit tough for me due to the large size of the dance pad, but I would be interested in lower body workouts that use the Balance Board. I don't currently have Wii Fit or a Balance Board, but I would get one for a sufficiently cool game. I absolutely do not want to strap anything to my body.
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Just Dance
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I dig Wii Fit and the balance board; it was worth the money for me. There are a lot of lower-body workouts (like an obstacle course with two levels, a few different yoga positions, step aerobics with two levels, a skateboarding game, a "running" course, and a few different balance games) that I personally find a lot of fun. For some of them, you need to be holding the nunchuk, but you don't need to do anything with it; can you hold it in your left hand? If so, you might want to buy the Fit and a balance board.
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My Fitness Coach doesn't use the nunchuk. You actually don't use the wiimote at all while you're working out -- it's more like a customizable workout dvd that changes every day, but it does track your progress, let you set a goal, and let you adjust the level of difficulty.
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EA sports active has several exercises that requires no hands and you strap the Wii remote to your thigh.
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Best answer: Wii Fit Plus (don't bother with Wii Fit - go straight to the Wii Fit Plus; it's the exact same thing but enhanced with more activities and the ability to queue exercises) has plenty of stuff you can do without the Wiimote because it uses the Balance Board. Most of the yoga and strength exercises don't use it (there are 18 of each, 36 altogether, and I can only think of a few offhand that need the Wiimote and none that need both the Wiimote and nunchuk); you can put them into a routine and not touch the Wiimote once as the routine runs. That's plenty for a good workout; but many of the other activities don't require it either.

Gold's Gym Cardio Workout (boxing exercise game) does require two Wiimotes or a Wiimote and a nunchuk, but you can buy wii boxing gloves to put them in and wear while you do the punches. I will tell you flat out they don't register the punches as well as holding the Wiimotes; however, you'll be able to unlock harder routines anyway even if it doesn't register just how well you're doing. If you can cope with being a little frustrated by that, it is an *excellent* workout - one of my favorite Wii exercise games.

My Fitness Coach is, as said above, much like an exercise DVD, and does not require the Wiimote while doing the routine it runs for you.

Wii Sports Resort isn't quite an exercise title, but does have some quite active stuff, and you can select for left-handed Wiimote use. Out of the 12 activites, only 3 require the nunchuk.

Just Dance isn't really an exercise title, but it's *very* active, and only requires one Wiimote, which you can probably get away with holding in your left hand, since it doesn't actually register your moves all that well anyway no matter how good you are! (It's still a lot of fun despite that!)

I really like both EA Sports Active titles, but I don't know they'll work for you because many of the exercises require the leg strap, and those that don't will require holding the Wiimote/nunchuk. However, EA Sports Active 2.0 is supposed to come out soon (Wikipedia says November 16) and it will use motion sensors on stretchy bands. (I personally am quite excited about this, because I don't like using the leg strap.)

Walk It Out is a walking game and can be played on the Balance Board or on a dance pad (but you're just stepping - walking - so it isn't all over the place like DDR).

Hope this helps! This is all just off the top of my head - if you have questions about any other Wii exercise game, please ask - I have most of them.
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The Biggest Loser. It'll give you a great workout too.
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flex, I was excited about EA Sports Active 2.0's hands-free feature, too, but I recently read (on the EA Active boards) that the sensors on stretchy bands will only be for the PS3 version of the game -- the wii version still uses the wiimote.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions, all. Sounds like Wii Fit Plus is a good place to start. Hopefully this thread will also help anyone interested in Wii-ing while talking on the phone, eating a banana, etc.
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