Help my tired face.
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Recently I find myself stretching my face muscles, which always seem fatigued. What gives?

Much like the feeling when you stretch your back after sitting for long periods, I frequently stretch my face: puffing my cheeks, massaging them, stretching my forehead, etc. Problem is I never feel "done", those muscles and tissues feel infinitely fatigued and I could massage them all day if I could. I should add I don't think this has any connection to my appearance--I don't have any excessive sagging or a hangdog look or anything.

What are some good facial exercises that can make my face all peppy? Better yet, what, in your experience, causes a tired-feeling face in the first place?
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You might be grinding your teeth in your sleep.
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What happens if you stop stretching it? I'm wondering if this has just become a habit as opposed to a "need to stretch your face muscles."
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Are you experiencing eyestrain? Or perhaps "ayestrain"—facial strain related to needing to "say yes" to things or be emotionally "on" a lot? Those are two things that lead me to feel like my face needs stretching.
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Has anything changed? If you work on a computer, are you spending longer hours on a computer? Or on a different computer? Different screen? Brighter screen? Different posture? All these can cause tension to accumulate in the upper back but be manifest in neck, jaw, and other muscles. Other ideas - altered caffeine intake? altered sleep schedule?

It sounds a bit like you are getting unconsciously stuck in a poor ergonomic position, for whatever reason.
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Google "face yoga" - there are lots of poses (lion face is my favorite) that can help relax the strain we all put on those little muscles every day. It's worse, as suggested, if you clench your jaw or grind your teeth unconsciously, but even without that, it still can be very refreshing to move those muscles in new ways to stretch and release them.
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For me, tired facial muscles come with stress, and recently I seem to carry stress in my face and those muscles are the first to get tired. I agree, Google "face yoga" or even face exercises. Put together a routine of maybe 6 exercises, they're fun and you'll feel good afterwards. Include at least 2 that incorporate humming and/or buzzing sounds with the facial movements, those are the one that work best for me.
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