It's obviously not called Maurice.
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The Space Cowboys played some jams at Burning Man last week that I loved. Problem is, I don't know what this type of music is called. Can you help me identify the genre and recommend some songs, artists, or podcasts I should check out?

I saw their car/system set up at the Dust City Diner on (I think) Wednesday night and then again on (I think) Friday night behind the temple. Whatever it was that they were playing, it was great. How can I find more stuff like this? I'm told this could be "dirty breaks" and/or "tech house" but I have no idea what that means.

Here are some examples of tunes that sound similar... I wish I could find more, but if I could do that, I wouldn't need this question :)

Plaza de Funk - Push N Pull (this is the most representative song and the one I like the most)

Freestylers - Push Up Word Up (Stanton Warriors Remix)

30Hz - Daddio (Miles Dyson Remix)

Defkline & Red Polo feat. Big Booty Kim - Bam Bam (Breaks Mix)

(In case it's not obvious, I really like the beats and the thick, dirty bass lines)

Damn, I wish Burning Man wasn't over...
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This, good sir, is what is commonly referred to as breakbeat music. I wouldn't go any further with defining subgenres because, well, let's face it, it all pretty much sounds like that stuff nowadays.

You also might want to google up some electrohouse, there's a great deal of crossover between that and breakbeat stylistically.
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Oh wow. I totally botched that link.

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Yeah, them's the funky breaks!
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Response by poster: Wow if this is funky breaks / breakbeat, then it has grown up a bit! Definitely better than what I listened to 15 years ago (when electronic music was still on my radar). Awesome.
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Best answer: The schedule for the unimog is here. Sounds like it may have been Deckard playing, but lots of their people play breaks now.
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Response by poster: Wow, thanks for those links oneirodynia... that helps!
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Hi, I realize this is an old question but I'm just seeing it now. Since I'm part of the Space Cowboys, I feel like I have some authority to answer this question although I'm not a DJ.

First, the Weds night session at Dust City Dinner was the one and only Tamo, that set was fucking amazing, one of the best ones I heard all week.

As for the Temple party, that's our Hoe Down that we throw every year out there on Friday night. the line up switches a lot through the evening and DJ's usually get ~hr set so it could have been any number of DJ's.

Cowboys style definitely ranges between house and breaks with some electro and dub and almost always funky. To get you dose of Cowboy music through the rest of the year, check our the RIPEcast which features lots of Cowboy DJ's and FOCers (Friends of Cowboys).

We'll be doing our thing again this year too. Lookin' forward to shakin' yer business again!.
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