What are your favorite art magazines?
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What are your favorite art magazines, and why do you find them interesting? I have been looking at Artforum and ARTnews, but they are pretty dry ... lots of pictures and some facts, but little gossip or other interesting commentary. I want something with great articles to sit down and read.
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Juxtapoz. Not just art, but underground music, film and culture too. Definitely NOT dry.
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You would like The Art Newspaper and the Jackdaw.
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Border Crossings is good.
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Sculpture magazine is my go to mag: http://www.sculpture.org.
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Not just an art mag, but truly the greatest: Cabinet.
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I'm partial to Modern Painters and Art In America, neither of which is as stale as Artforum (dense, theory-laden writing) and ARTnews (more of interest to art buyers and marketers, and so dull). Juxtapoz is so impressed with itself for being the darling of hipsters that it's nearly unreadable, and High Fructose is the twee version of Juxtapoz, with a stronger editorial voice and better color printing.
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