Transfering files from my iPod
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I recently trashed my hard disc (PC, Vista), but still have all my music stored on my iPod. Can anyone recommend an app that allows me to transfer the files from my iPod to my new hard disc? Preferably with all my metadata intact (playlists, playcounts, star ratings etc ...)
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I am interested in seeing the outcome to the finer details to the question.

To answer part of your question:

The best answer I have found so far is to show all hidden files on the ipod and transfer them over that way. (hard drive to hard drive transfer) The issue though is that you lose the meta data and file names. (don't know how to make use of these file types)

For the file names, you can easily find free software, and rename the files based on ID3 tags. Try searching the website tucows for free software. The only issue is that if the tags don't have info, you have no file name, and are left with files labeled AAAA or ABCS ... etc.

Hope this helps, and hope someone answers back with a better solution.
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Best answer: iRip

(At the time of posting this, the site seems to be down, hopefully it will be back soon.)
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Meta-iPod should be able to do this.
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I'm curious, wouldn't iTunes just do this? Can't you transfer from the iPod to a fresh copy of iTunes' library?
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I don't think it does ratings or playlists, but I use SharePod to copy songs off mine.
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Lukenlogs: No, iTunes can only copy music to, not from, iPods.
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Response by poster: I opted for iRip in the end. It was a little fiddly and the free trial didn't seem to work. But it was worth it. I have rescused my entire music collection, playlists and all. Hey thanks for all your help.
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