Looking for camp sites in WA that have rope swings over water.
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I'm looking for areas in Washington state that have rope swings over water.

We're going camping and I'm hoping to find a spot that features a rope swing that goes out over the water (lake/creek/...). The closer to Seattle the better, but any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks!
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I know there are one or two on the Icicle River in Leavenworth, or at least there were a few years ago. We used to rent inner tubes and float down the river; there was one swing off of a bridge, and a second one near where the inner tube folks would come pick us up.
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(Isn't there one in Fremont that'll drop you into the ship canal? OK, not a camping spot, but it is close to Seattle)
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Snoqualmie River, just outside of Fall City, the popular tubing drop-off point on Fish Hatchery road (below the falls) has an epic one.

Was just on Icicle creek in Leavenworth and saw no evidence of rope swings.
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South Fork of the Stillaguamish at the Jordan river bridge, near Arlington is a popular spot. there is not much camping nearby, however.
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