Wordpress plug in that uses images from aggregates posts as featured?
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WordpressFilter: Is there a way to use the first image found inside posts that I draw in via RSS so that they're used as the "featured image?"

I'm using FeedWordPress to aggregate some content, and trying to use Justin Padlock's "Get The Image" plugin, but nothing appears to be happening.

This may be because the images aren't hosted locally - but on the site where the images are originally being posted.

(and failing this, is there a way to have the "featured image" automatically chosen based on category).

Ideally, I'm hoping to find plugins that will handle this so I don't need to recode whenever I change themes... but, if that's what it takes I'll have at it!
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You could try this one, which appears to have been updated here.
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Best answer: get_the_image doesn't by itself add images as the featured image. It can seek the first image and display it but only if you call get_the_image(). Sounds like you need 2 steps - probably a call to get_the_image that then sets the featured image. But get_the_image can simply do it on the fly, but to use it you're going to have to add a hook in how rss gets built for your site. Any which way, this requires a little hackery.
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Oh, and get_the_image doesn't distinguish between local and remote images, any <img> will do. See how I use it on my own site here.
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