Wedding reception in Bloomington, Indiana
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My fiancee and I are looking for wedding reception halls in Bloomington, Indiana. We've looked at Indiana University's Memorial Union but we're having some difficulty finding other venues. If anyone is familiar with this area or has gotten married here, can you suggest some other places to look at? Thanks!
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A friend of mine got married at Deer Park Manor, down on Hillside Drive. The wedding was before I knew her, though, so I can't speak to what the facilities are like.
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Brown County State Park is really nice. Don't know about facilities, but check it out.
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I've heard good things about Chapman's.
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Bloom Magazine has a wedding guide that might be helpful.
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It's been a while since I lived there, but off the top of my head, here are some places friends of mine have rented for weddings and parties:

On the IU campus, other than at the Union:

- The IU chapel
- A room in the Auditorium
- The art museum
- maybe the Mathers museum?

Right in town:

- Fountain Square ballroom
- The Bus-Chum
- The Waldron
- the convention center
- Scholars Inn (smallish)

Edge or outside of town:

- Various state parks
- Bradford Woods
- Story Inn
- Eagle Pointe
- The Fields clubhouse
- Eagle Pointe
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