Horseback riding in central NJ?
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Suggestions for horseback riding in Central NJ?

My girlfriend has a hankering to go horseback riding, and with the holiday tomorrow and wonderful weather we've been having here (Princeton, specifically), I can't think of a better time.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to find anywhere to take us on a ride. We don't want lessons or anything, we just want to go riding on a trail somewhere. My Google-fu is failing. We are willing to drive, we just need to know where we'd have to go. Any suggestions much appreciated, thanks!
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Here's a couple options (no personal experience with either):

The google-fu tao-lu you need to know to expand on this is to enter your address into Google maps, then enter "trail rides" (in quotes) into Search Nearby. Zoom in or out as applicable, and explore even the little red dots on the map that don't pop up on the left-hand side bar with their own letter.
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Response by poster: "Trail rides" was the phrase I needed. Thanks!
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