Sake recipes?
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What can I do with a bottle of sake?

I bought a brand of sake I'd never tried before, and it's pretty bad. I added it to smoothies this morning, and I may make one of the salmon recipes that came up on a Google search. What other food or drinks can I make with it? Any other creative uses?
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You could make mirin, or any variety of sauces (teriyaki, etc) that use mirin as a base.
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Teriyaki sauce. Even better with a few jalapenos in it.
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I really liked this recipe for vegetables and tofu in a miso and sake dressing even though I'm not usually a tofu and veggies kind of person.
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I can't help much with specifics, but I've found that recipes that call for sherry work pretty much as well using sake. It'll generally add a certain background nuttiness to a sauce when reduced.
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Just substitute it for white cooking wine.

You could also try chilling it (this is how sake is supposed to be imbided) and see if you like it better that way.
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What kind of sake is it?
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Thanks for the ideas so far.

It's Gekkeikan. It should have been a red flag to me that it came with mixed drink recipes on the back. Even the company recognizes it's intolerable plain, apparently.
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I think that's the sake we bought at the store, and later, half-drunk on the stuff, our Japanese friends showed up and asked "Why the hell are you guys drinking cooking sake?" Hangover isn't really the word for the next day...

But yes, just use it as you would white wine.
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my uncle cooks tomatoes with Gekkeikan, and despite a substantial range of worthy alternatives, the empty box with large photos of japanese landscapes is my 8 month old daughter's favourite toy
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I love this miso marinated fish recipe which uses sake.
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