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Help! My mother's old computer no longer works, and I am helping her set up the new computer. I am trying to retrieve files from the online backup service (Quicken Online Backup) and set up Outlook 2010 on the new machine (Windows 7).

(1) The backup service doesn't seem to be working. It doesn't want to grab the Outlook files, because "Outlook isn't installed on this machine." (Grr yes it is!) Maybe I am trying to grab the wrong things? Or should save them in a special location from the start?

(2) What files do I need to retrieve, if they are available, and where do I need to put them on the new computer, so Mom can have her address book and old emails available?

I know this all should be on the internets somewhere, but I am having trouble and getting frustrated. Any instructions, advice, or pointers to helpful online resources would be VERY appreciated. Thanks!
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As far as "Outlook isn't installed on this machine", there is a strong possibility that it is looking for the same version of Outlook as before. However, I am unfamiliar with Quicken Online Backup or the specific files that you have backed up.

In general, the old emails, address book, and such are contained in a file ending in .pst. By default, this file is Outlook.pst. This file needs to be imported into your new version of Outlook, not just copied into the right directory. I am unfamiliar with Outlook 2010, but this may be of some assistance.
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