Can't move files between Outlook folders
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Outlook 2010 question: Moving files from one folder to another, I get the unhelpful error message: Cannot move the items. [OK]. But this is not OK.

I've got three mail stores in my outlook: The native "personal folders" that outlook gives you by default, a PST file I imported, and an IMAP account attached to my gmail.

I can move one or more files from "Personal Folders" to an IMAP folder, but not vice versa. I cannot move files from the PST to either of the other two stores or vice versa. In every case the error is "Cannot move the items."

Makes no difference if I'm moving 1 file or several files. This is a fresh install of Office 2010 so there's no plugins. Any ideas?
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I've always just copy/pasted (and not cut/paste or moved) and then deleted from the source folder afterwards. Is this a suitable workaround?
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No, there's no "paste" available when I go to the destination folder.
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Not even from a the Edit menu? Edit->Paste? or Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V?
(Sorry, it occurs to me that you're using Outlook 2010, and I haven't installed that yet, so I guess this might not apply. I guess I'll have to go get that from work...)
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Does your PST have the right permissions? Sometimes I've found that copying a PST from one PC to another will screw up the NTFS permissions, which causes Outlook to have some fun problems.
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Yeah, there's no edit menu on Outlook 2010.
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msbutah, meaning, the XP explorer properties?
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Is your PST created with Outlook 2010 or an earlier version of Outlook?
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The latest version of Thunderbird changed to insist that you hold down the control key while dragging and dropping messages between folders. Different program, obviously, but could it be something like this? It took me forever to figure out why I couldn't move messages for this reason.
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wongcorgi: "Is your PST created with Outlook 2010 or an earlier version of Outlook?"

earlier--outlook 2000.
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Yeah the properties in XP. Sometimes those get messed up when moving between users or computers. Just make sure your current user has the rights to the file, and that it's not marked as read only.
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