How to have only an outgoing message?
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How can I have a phone number play a pre-recorded message and hang up?

I recently ditched my voicemail. Problem is, I still want the outgoing message. Is there a cheap/free online service that will let me have the recording without the voicemail part that I can forward calls to?
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I have heard voicemail greetings that basically do that, then say goodbye, and then there is the beep. Some people are able to figure out that one is able to leave a message, others just hang up.

Free, but not idiot or annoying person proof.
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Oh...on an answering machine.
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I don't know of an online service, but you could get a cheap answering machine and fill it up so there is no room to record messages.
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So like a message that says "Hi it's me, here are other ways to reach me, but you can't leave a message"?

I think United Voicemail has a personalized Reach Me service where you can record a message.
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You should check out PhoneBooth -- they'll give you a phone number and you can have different messages and dial-your-extension prompts. Especially important for you: you can add your own greeting, and I believe you can turn off the voicemail function.
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Google Voice lets you play a message and then hang up, for only certain callers or all callers. If it's a mobile phone you can reroute your voicemail settings to point to GV instead of your carrier's VM.
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Check out It's free online voice mail. You can set up different messages to different callers. And I currently have messages that say the message and then hang up for blocked and unavailable numbers.
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