How do I stop my laptop from sleeping?
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I want to keep my laptop running when I close the lid, but only when it's connected to an external monitor (via HDMI). When it's not connected to the monitor I want closing the lid to activate sleep. Is this possible? (on Windows 7)
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I think this behavior is vendor-specific. On a Dell, I configure it n in Control Panel, Power.
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If you go into Power Options in Control Panel and "Change advanced power settings," look under "Power buttons and lid," and then "Lid close action." There will be two options there that set what the computer does when it's plugged in and when it's on battery. As far as I know, that's the only configurable setting. However, if you generally have it on an external display when plugged into the wall, this might work for you.
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If you drill down into a power plan, there are advanced settings that may help, depending on your need. For example, there is a "when sharing media" option to "prevent idling to sleep".
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It's not supposed to be vendor specific if the vendor is doing it right. Advanced power options is where it should always be.

Fireoyster has the simplest answer, if that works for your scenario.

If not, you'll need to find some kind of 3rd party software that does it.

(Also, strongly consider using hibernate rather than sleep. The computer still uses power when it is asleep, and I've pulled many a *really freaking hot* laptop out of its carrying case because the user put it to sleep 6 hours prior.)
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Yeah, I'm fairly certain there's no setting in the Power Options in Control Panel. I was hoping that someone might know of a third-party tool that could do it.
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