Sci-fi artist webpage: cylindrical crater city?
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I'm looking for a sci-fi artist's webpage. The only thing I remember is a (digital?) series of painting of a sprawling city inside a cylindrical crater (or possibly at the base of a tall spire).

I think there was a lake at the bottom of the city, and one of the paintings was of the shoreline, from which a tangled mass of buildings emerged. There might have also been sketches and other art demonstrating the artist's creative process. (In fact, this may have been the point of the website.) Any ideas?
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Long shot, but was it this guy?
He does a lot of sci-fi inspired digital artwork.
What you're describing is similar to some of his previously released work, but it's been so long since I last checked his page and he released so much work since then, that I can't be sure.
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Something over at They have a works in progress section in the forum.
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oooo, I know exactly what you are talking about, I think.
Do you read Drawn?
I am willing to bet that I saw it either on Mefi or Drawn...
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Argh! Much googling, but no results yet. If it's what I remember, here are some extra details: A city, built on vertical walls of a huge circular hole in the ground. The rich people lived near the top of the cylinder, where there was light and air. The poorer people lived at the bottom, where there was little light or air. They made their living fishing in the water at the bottom, I think?
The artist had painted a series of different views of this city. I believe he/she (I think he) had also done other paintings of invented cities? Digital paintings.
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Best answer: Project Indigo, by Jesse van Dijk?
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Doug Chiang?
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Project Indigo, by Jesse van Dijk?

This is what I had remembered; I think I saw it linked on MeFi.
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Carl Laubin?
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Also, to threadjack gently, anyone reading this remember some art of landscapes in improbable places... like a city perched on a rock right above a waterfall, or a tiny landscape in the patch of sunlight on the floor from a window... or a waterfall pulled aside like curtains to show a landscape beyond?
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Nicholas Bouvier aka Sparth
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Response by poster: Adridne, that's exactly it! Thank you so much.
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Response by poster: And no, I don't read Drawn, but apparently I should! I think I might have seen it on many years ago.
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Response by poster: Oh, and for anyone interested in this style of illustration, check out Jacek Yerka!
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