English Subtitles from Spanish channels (DirecTV)
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How do I get English subtitles from spanish channels (I am using directv)?

Hi Everyone,

I have Directv and would like to be able to view english subtitles on some of our spanish channels. My wife and her family watch a lot of novellas on Univision and I am left always asking what happened.

Is there any way to get english subtitles? Can anyone help?

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The subtitles have to be available in that language -- I don't think that Univision translates all (or many) of their shows into English (wiki). DirecTV doesn't have a built-in translation module. If they are available, this would be under the Closed Captioning options, though I doubt that this is available.
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Response by poster: Does anyone know if I can get English subtitles specifically for Soy Tu Duena on Univion (on Directv). I have seen the wiki site, but I also know that is an old quote recycled all over the place so I am hoping they may available now. Can anyone also suggest any Univision shows that are known to have english subtitles so that I can start there and see if I get them on my directv reciever?

Thanks again.
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What kind of receiver are you using? If you have a standard definition (square picture) receiver, the captions are controlled by your television. Look to see if it has a CC2 or CS2 option. I just checked on my standard definition DirecTV TiVo and it doesn't have an option for displaying captions.

If you are using a high definition (rectangular picture, usually with the TV channel logo set towards the middle a few inches) receiver, then captions are controlled by it. I don't have an HD DirecTV receiver, but I do have a TiVo HD on FiOS. The current program ("Viva La Familia") shows as having two closed caption "tracks" (DTVCC1 and DTVCC2), but only the first one is populated, and it has Spanish text. It looks like Viva La Familia is an "unscripted" show, so maybe they intentionally don't fill in that second slot.
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We're Indian, but I don't know the language. My wife does, and watches similar, ahem, "programming" on the Indian channels on satellite.

I suppose the most diplomatic way I can say this is . . . the quality of your life is not suffering in the least by your inability to watch these shows. You don't watch the . . . uhhh, fine drama . . . on daytime TV on ABC/CBS/NBC, I assume . . . ?
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(not trying to be a jerk; just offering an alternate point of view . . . )
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I don't think Univision or Azteca or Telemundo offer English language subtitles. Closed captioning is in Spanish, at least here in LA.

(And CS--daytime dramas are dropping like flies. Even the Soap channel closed down. Telenovelas are still very popular.)
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