Song identification help, please
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I need help identifying a song I heard recently, but I don't recall the exact lyrics. Given the vague details I provide, can you help?

I feel lame asking about this, but here goes.

I was in American Apparel several weeks ago. A song was playing in the store, and I'd like to hear it again if possible. I don't remember the exact lyrics, but I think "drinking champagne in Paris" and "walking in LA" were mentioned.

It was a mellow song, and I believe the vocalist was male. I've attempted to Google without any luck. Can you help?
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according to this article, american apparel uses something called viva radio. aa's website looks to back that up, so you may want to start there.

the viva radio site looks like it might break things down by schedule, which might help you as well.
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If you replace "drinking" with "sips", and replace "walking in LA" with assorted shopping cliches like "Wears Nike & Amarni" and "Her jewellery's all Tiffany's", you end up with "Wasabi" by Lee Harding.
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and s/Amarni/Armani/ most likely.
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