Destinations within 3-5 hours south of SF, ideally near the coast?
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Destinations within 3-5 hours south of SF, ideally near the coast?

I finally have a free day since moving to SF and want to take a drive on the coast...but ideally I'd like to have somewhere to drive to instead of just going and then turning around and coming back. I'll be with a friend, so maybe a tasty place to eat or something. I love Mexican food and I've heard that central CA has some good places in that vein, so that'd be awesome. But really anything worth a drive.
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San Luis Obispo? You can go see the Hearst Castle.
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Big Sur. Henry Miller Museum
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Best answer: Monterey Bay Aquarium is always fantastic. And Santa Cruz is a fun town to wander around in for a day.
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If you go to Heart Castle, Monterey/Carmel is practically on the way if you take take 101 --> 1. IIRC, SF --> Monterey is about a 2-3 hour drive with Hearst Castle being another 2ish hours taking 1. I was just on vacation in CA for a wedding, and those are the main spots we hit up after SF and it was fun.
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Best answer: If you've never driven it, then I'll second the Big Sur / Highway 1 South from Monterey as far as Hearst Castle. Stop in Monterey for the Aquarium on the way there or back.
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I'm not sure who told you that Central CA has excellent Mexican food. ALL of California has excellent Mexican food :)
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Response by poster: Recommend me some, purity control :)
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If you've never seen an elephant seal up close, you might add a stop to the rookery to your trip:

They are pretty impressively massive animals. Not so much a destination, but definitely worth pulling over if you're in the neighborhood.

If you do end up as far south as San Luis Obispo, then I'd recommend Morro Bay and Montana De Oro state park (cool cliffs and surf) as some cool coastal areas to explore.

There are also several disc golf courses in and around San Luis Obispo too if that's something you're into.
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Give yourself a leasurely stay in Monterrey. Take time to look around and enjoy. Stay at Casa Munras and have dinner at Passion Fish. Take a walk at Point Lobos. Mexican food restaurants abound but I can't think of one to recommend, hopefully someone else can provide a name of one for you.
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If you go to San Luis Obispo this little taco stand probably has the most authentic and best tasting Mexican food in town - Lo Mejo de Acapulpo. For a sit down meal La Palapa currently ranks among the best of SLO's Mexican restaurants.
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Lo Mejor de Acapulpo
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