How can I keep tabs on my downloads, so Rogers doesn't kneecap me?
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Is there a way for me to keep track of the total amount of data (in megabytes) I download over the course of a month, on a single machine?

I just signed up for Rogers cable internet (Rogers is a Canadian cable behemoth, for those who don't know), and my total downloads are capped at 60 GB per month.

Since Rogers is a corporation of total bastards, they provide no means of actually keeping track of one's downloads. There's a warning (via a weird browser hijack trick that I'm not sure how they do) when you reach 75% of your allotment, but that's it. If you exceed your allotment, they don't cut you off; they just charge you more.

This internet plan is shared amongst three people, and it's critical that I not exceed my 20 GB per month. I need some kind of plugin or software that will help me keep on eye on this, or I'll never be able to browse in peace.

I'm using OSX, with Firefox 3.6.8.

Help me, Metafilter.
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On Windows I can keep track of this via Kaspersky's Network Monitor tool....
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Best answer: When my cable provider was threatening metered bandwidth last year, I installed an app called Airport Traffic that read what my Airport Extreme was processing. It was great since it captured the bandwidth all of the gizmos were using (iPhone, Tivo, Apple TV, 2 Macs) as opposed to one device. The bad part was it seemed that it didn't discriminate between internal traffic on my home network and what I was getting off of the internets. Since I stream movies and move files all around my home network, it seemed to over count.

You don't mention if you're running through a wifi router but that device might have a feature that can help you manage your bandwidth.

There was also an app called Surplus Meter that did what you're looking for but it only counted bandwidth on one machine so in my case the other devices on the network wouldn't be counted. Since it is free I guess you could install it on other Macs if you have them.
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Response by poster: Surplus Meter is exactly what I was looking for.

Case closed, and thank you very much.
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I am pretty sure you can log in to Rogers site and check your usage. They'll also let you know when you reach 75% of your capacity. When you try to browse the Internet it will redirect you to a page that tells you as much, and you have to click on an "I have read and understood this message" link to get rid of it.
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See here.
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Response by poster: That is nice to know. They're still a corporation of total bastards, though.

My name isn't on the account, so I'm going to stick with the software solution.
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Best answer: There's also Usage Tracker, which as a menu bar application can be running windowless all the time, and can also be set to disable your connection when the limit is reached.
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Are there any applications like this out there for Windows?
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