Help me fix these boots!
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Please help me with these boots I just bought!

I bought these boots, and they are being shipped to me. My calves are about 17' at their widest point, and the boots say they are made for 19' calves.

I then saw this review, which states: "When it comes to the fit, the calves are very roomy. I think my calves are about 19.5" around and I'll be able to wear jeans in these and still have tons of space. "

I am no very worried that these boots will be way too big on me and fall down all day while I wear them. I don't want to spend a ton of money and take them to a shoe repair person to fix, as they only cost $32 bucks themselves.

I don't buy real leather (I'm a vegetarian), I'm poor (I'm a student), I have size 11 feet (99% of women's shoes stop at size 10) and I have a very picky sense of style, so buying boots is always a nightmare for me. These are perfect for me, except for the probably too wide calf. What can I do to fix them?
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Maybe one of those terrycloth head/wristbands around your calf will give enough bulk & grip to get them to stay up? Especially if they are lined on the inside at all. Even if the lining doesn't go all the way to the top, it should be enough friction.
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I have relatively small calves, and I find that many of my boots tend to leave a bit of a gap if I wear them with skirts or shorts. Luckily, most of them are study enough to not fall down while I'm wearing them, even the cheap ones. If stay-up-ness is your big concern, I wouldn't worry too much.

When I wear them boots with pants, I make sure to wear substantial socks and tuck in my jeans. My coldest weather boots require long underwear + pants + a couple pairs of socks to eliminate draftiness, but they will stay up with less stuff tucked into them.

I don't know what your climate is like. If multiple pairs of socks is overkill, I say just let them be scrunchy and rock it like it's your style.
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Chances are they'll stay up while on your feet. However, if they slouch too much on you, or just feel too roomy and weird, legwarmers will help - and you can keep them completely concealed in the boot shaft. If you can't find legwarmers, cut the sleeves off an old sweater.
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Depending on weather, legwarmers or the like will work. However, if you don't want to do that, examine the inner lining. If it has enough give, I'd get myself to the nearest Joann or Hancock fabric and get some 1, 1.2, or 2 inch elastic. You can handstitch the elastic to the inside at the right tightness to make you feel comfortable.

Similarly, if it turns out you just need a little "grip" - something like this might work, sewn in backward, of course. Better fabric stores (think Mood, but I don't know, JoAnn might have it too) will have this kind of thing (and perhaps plainer, less fancy types).
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I have your exact problem - size 11 feet, not huge calves. I've done this before and basically if they don't fit right, I return them, gird myself, and start the hunt again. Sucks, I know.

(no boots too big around the calf ever look good on me, no matter what )
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Use boot hangers so they don't lose their shape while you're not wearing them.
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I get the feeling that this style is supposed to be slouchy as opposed to tight. If you were looking for something tight, maybe this isn't the boot for you.

some examples of slouchy boot fashion here and here

enjoy! :D
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agree with p1nkdaisy - looks like slouchy is the style. I recommend looking at nine west shoes - they often go up to size 12 womens, and can be quite affordable when they have sales. Go for a regular (non-slouchy, non-wide-calf) boot - if you need the calf larger you can try to stretch it (doesn't work too well with fake leather), or for a nominal cost a shoe repair place can insert a little elastic triangle near the top of the calf. also, check on zappos - easy to search across many brands, and most shoes have detailed reviews of fit.
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here's what you do - go to a fabric store and get yourself some wide elastic - say 1-2 inches wide. Sew a loop of elastic that fits around your leg just above the calf - not so tight that it digs in, just snug enough so it doesn't fall down. Sew that loop into the inside of the boot at the right height so that the elastic keeps the boot from slouching. It would be best to attach the elastic at the sides, so that any looseness in the boot will be at the front and back, and the sillouette of the boot from the front stays nice and narrow. A few stitches neatly done will hardly show up on the outside. It may be tricky to get a needle through the leather, so you may need to use pliers. (hey I just invented boot garters)
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