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Where can I get overalls for a Big Boy costume?

I need some overalls for a Big Boy costume. Since red/white checkered overalls have gone out of fashion, I suppose I'll have to get white overalls and some red fabric paint. These overalls don't seem quite right; they cover too much of the chest. Would those be passable, or is there another style of overalls that would work better?

Bonus: suggestions for pig plastic hair and/or hamburger welcome.
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You could easily mod the overalls to cover up less of the chest. All you'd have to do is let out the straps all the way with the slide, fold the chest part down on itself, and sew a quick stitch in there to hold it down. If you wanted to get really fancy, you could cut part off and reposition the buttons, but I wouldn't even go that far.

For fabric paint, I highly recommend Jacquard.

Unless your hair is reeeally short or nonexistent, I always think that overly styled real hair looks better for costumes than a wig. Start experimenting now with mega-hold hair glue/wax/spray. (I somewhat successfully did Flock of Seagulls hair in high school, so it is possible.)
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As to the chest part, you could also go for overalls that are too short, and wear them hung a bit low, with the shoulder straps expanded as far as possible.

As an alternative way of doing phunniemee's suggestion, you could pick up some of those adjust-a-button things, and fold the front bib in half and put the buttons in the corner. It would allow for a fix with no sewing. This way would also offer you a way of hiding that zipper.
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These folks have more overalls than most.
I am wearing some right now.
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