Can I bring a backpack to the US Open?
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Can I bring a backpack into the US Open (tennis) in New York?

I'm headed to the US Open tomorrow, and while the spectator guide says that backpacks aren't allowed, they do allow you to bring in other types of bags . . . I'm looking for firsthand experience--can I bring in my backpack or not?

Oh, and if you have Ground Admission seats at face value (or less) that'd be great too!!
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No, you can't.
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You can't. You also can't bring in water, or an empty bottle, but Evian is $4 something a bottle.
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I've been to the US Open the past 4 years (I'm a subscriber so it's not like 1 session per year). If you bring like a regular sized school backpack or something, no, that's not allowed. I've seen ladies bring in leather purses that are styled like small backpacks and that is okay. Those nike soft nylon drawstring bags that you can sling on your back are okay.

And micawber, holy crap, you got some rough bag checkers because I've gone in there with bottles of tea and seen people get in with empty camelbaks go in. Last year, they let me through with bags of chips, boxes of cookies, a falafel sandwich and a clamshell with soy powder covered mochi and I'm really sure they had no idea wtf that was, but I digress.

In conclusion, no to your backpack. Try a tote bag.
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Also, if you don't have any bag at all, you get to go in the very fast entrance line, and zoom past the masses waiting for the bag check.

BTW, they allow re-entry, so you can pop out to the food carts in the park if you want a $2 soda or water.
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