Good places for an outdoors wedding in Colorado's Front Range?
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My partner and I are getting married next summer, and are searching for a place for the ceremony and reception. We want this to be near Denver, but to at least feel like it's in (or near) a forest.

We're not sure how many guests we'll have - somewhere between 40 and 80, I suppose. The ideal: a place we could rent in its entirety for a couple of nights, and which would allow on-site ceremony (must be outside, preferably amidst trees), reception, and lodging. Bonus points for bonfire and grilling space.

We want this to feel like a gathering of our favorite people for a weekend in the woods, which incidentally includes a wedding. We want the emphasis to be on spending time together- NOT on the Bride and Groom and Our Wedding. We plan to have at least one cookout with lots of excellent beer.

Any and all suggestions and precautions are welcome. Thanks!
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I don't know about the reception or lodging but you could have the cermony at Golden Gate Canyon State Park.

I know they have weddings there, it's beautiful and in the trees.
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Rocky Mountain National Park is pretty close. Why not call a ranger and see if/where people have weddings there?
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Check out the YMCA of the Rockies locations. Snow Mountain Ranch might be just what you are looking for.
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How far away are you willing to go?
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La ForĂȘt outside of Colorado Springs has a chapel designed by John Gaw Meem.
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Estes Park is about an hour and a half outside Denver, and is fantastic.
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Ms morhead and I had the same requirements. The alpine villa in breckenridge has great views if you want a somewhat open valley instead of a forest.
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Sunrise Ampitheater in Boulder
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It's up near Winter Park, but you're looking for Devil's Thumb Ranch.
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Thanks for all the answers so far!

rope-rider, we're pretty flexible on that, though we'd rather not drive to the Western Slope. Nothing mentioned has been out of range.
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