Make the Foam Stick to the Wall
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What is the best adhesive to use to permanently affix Auralex acoustic treatment foam tiles to cinder block walls? I'd like it to be strong, but not impossible to remove in the future. I don't want any glue to soak through (about 1.5" of foam). Small job, just need the best glue.
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I've seen people successfully use spray adhesive. They even make special adhesive for studio foam.

I've always just seen the generic stuff from Home Depot used though. It works fine and is easy to remove without damaging the foam if you want to at a later time. Just use a very thin coat.
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I just fixed a load of universal acoustics tiles to card to make them reusable and used the hilariously named 'space mist' to stick them down. This was a spray of stranded cobweb-like patterns...which look a bit like nebula when they're sprayed on. I believe they're fairly permanent but I think you could still take them down if you chiseled em off. I'm not sure where you're based but you could do worse than try that stuff!
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Silicone caulk is a wonder. A few small dabs on the tiles and just put into place. I use this instead of construction adhesive on almost everything. Very strong, yet stays somewhat flexible. When you go to remove it the silicone residue will peel off instead of adhere like construction adhesive.

The only issue I could see happening with the spray adhesive suggestion is with the texture of the cinder block, I'm not sure if there would be enough surface to surface contact.
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I agree with newpotato regarding silicone - just remember that the surface must be completely dry. Silicone will not adhere to a surface that is even faintly moist.
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Response by poster: Thanks folks. Yeah, the surface is dry. I'll give silicone caulk a shot.
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Just a thought - I'm no expert, and not familiar with your exact goals, but something like this might give you the best acoustic results.

Spendy though.
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